As we come to the end of the year 2016,its good to take time and reflect upon the year that was. Take a look at your accomplishments and thank the Almighty, take a look at your shortcomings and trust God in the new year. Above all thank God for having finished another year, there are many who would have wanted to see the new year,many who had plans for the next year but are not able..our dearly departed. With all the diseases, the accidents, the crimes …you are fortunate to be alive and counting another year pass. As i look back , all i can say #ThisFarNiGod. I admit that i have done and all i am going to do is because of HIM.

A small comparison of me 2yrs ago ..and the me now…

    This is what i had to say ..2yrs ago

1. God comes first in my lyf..love the Lord with all my heart soul n mynd

2.luv my family …it comes

2nd….wat wuld i do withawt family

3. am so in lv with myself …luv myself sana

4. Love cartoons:)..animations …wil neva gt too old fo them

5. hate pretenders …ppl nid to jst b themselves

6. a secret i av ..am a genius jst tht i dnt use my full potential

7. luuv music..esp arcoistik musik…treasure my guitar

8. i hate novels…ddnt evn read the setbooks bak in secondry

9. am a mamas boy :)…luv my mum tu sana

10. love havn fun…if u r borin ..it wil b had to gt along with u

11. luuv meetn new ppl altho fynd it vry hard to start a conversation

12. luv cookn …n so do i luv eatn the fud i kuk hehe..on tht note av neva gone on diet or fasted

13. Wuu…13th is my birthday!!!…

14.i am fotogenik…luv takn piks …the Cameras jst luuv me …n the filln is mutual

15. am nt sua if i luv sleepn ..bt spend alot of my tym sleepn

16.Value friendship..and value my friends alot…how wuld the world be withawt friends..

17. The person who invented skul had a rilli big problem …he shuld b persecuted …jst bcoz he was damn n nidded to b taught thot evry1 was lyk him

18.I fear hearbreaks n wuld neva wana break sam1s heart …and so no one shuld break my heart

19. Adam n Eve ..wat wa they thinkn when eatn tha appl..there wa so many atha fruits ..now luk wat they dd ..we wuld b in tha garden of Eden ..naked n enjoyn lyf ..bt i thnk if i wa in their shoes probabli wuld av dan tha same thng…curiosity wuld av taken the better of me

20. at the end of it all..i want to go to heaven:)

1. God comes first in my life, without Him i am nothing and i pray that i may glorify Him in all i do #MarkusNaGod

2. My family comes 2nd. God gave me the wonderful gift of family that i wouldn’t trade for anything else in this world

3. I am a proud father to a beautiful daughter called Shazia.She is my princess.

4. @naserianntawasa is bae and i thank God for her. Hope to marry her someday soon.

5. What would i do without friends.I value friendship @lubz_benjie @frankingNaGod #MimiNaGod

6. I am proudly Kenyan. East, West, home is best.

7. I am into art and everything about art. It fascinates me. Be it sketches, drama, poetry,fashion…you name it.

8. Photography is my thing. I love being in front as well as behind the camera. Life is precious and worth keeping memories of it #markusmwanikphotography.

9. Music is my life. I love music, singing, listening or playing it..esp the 6string #guitar

10. @SwagNation_Ke is family and i thank God for them.

11. I love food. Cooking it and eating it😋

12. Cartoons😊 will never get too old for them.

13. Yap 13th that’s my birthday day ..Sept baby

14. Am working on keeping time.Managing my time wisely, always on time for time waits for no man

15. My worst fear is embarrassment .It is my prayer that in whatever i do, i will not embarrass myself, my family or my God.

16. Am a social media enthusiast …it keeps me on the know @markusmwanik @markusmwanik_official http://www.markusmwanik.wordpress.com

17. I am a teacher by profession …but am not really sure that’s the career path i want to take

18. It is my desire that i may be a person of Integrity. Doing the right thing even when no one is watching. What a better world it would be if we all upheld our integrity

19. It is my prayer that each passing day, i will fulfill my purpose and add value to myself and mostly those around me. Be a blessing to someone. #SpeakLife

20. At the end of it all, i want to be counted among those going to heaven to live with Christ eternally.


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