Ice Breaker

So a little about myself. I was that guy who kept to himself. Always with headphones , or a Bluetooth…always on my phone or laptop. That unsocial guy with a hoodie and shades. That guy who didn’t see the need to connect with people. That was me.

Lets just say…it got to a point…i grew up. I saw the need for human interaction. We have an infinite number of days and each moment you waste scrolling your contacts or staring at your menu you could initiate a conversation and make a connection. Its sad when guys are in a gathering and everyone is staring at their phones afraid of looking weird.

Start a conversation ….Now that’s where the problem is. Initiating the conversation….breaking the ice. There is nothing i find as hard as starting a conversation. Words always escape me especially if the person am approaching is beautiful..oh my …lemmi not say what happens.

So what do you do? How do you start? ..Hi ;)…Hi ;).(chuckles)..then what? For instance today i was in a matatu(public vehicle)…seated between two beautiful ladies..i was kinda excited (really bums me out when am seated next to a smelly dude..) …but then..told you how i get tongue tied when around the beautiful ones…so there i was. ‘You look familiar’ that was my first line to the lady on my right..and she truly did…That worked sparked a conversation even though it only lasted a few minutes :(. We were back to silence…i tried sleeping…reading a book…trust me the whole three hour journey i was still looking for something to say.

I guess that’s why the good guys never get the girl…they lack guts! But hey ..that’s not me. Why am i the one to start the conversation? They can also do the same. So i try to console myself…and when it gets so tough… am like….’you don’t have to try so hard, you don’t have to’..that song just uplifts me ….or i tell myself.

There are guys that never keep quite..i wonder how they do it…. guys who instead of finding it had to start a conversation…find it hard to shut up. But hey..that’s life. Though i still have the problem in my hands, How do you initiate a conversation…break the ice?




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